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Our Company is built upon our reputation. Below are a just a few letters from our satisfied customers. Contact us today to learn how we can add you to our ever growing list of satisfied customers living in your new dream home.

Dear Nino,

Michael Byrne

President / Caretaker

To Whom It May Concern:


The Property Owners Association of Lake Hayward (POALH) assembled a committee of association members to rebuild a pavilion which had burned down. Our charge was to design and build a 36’ X 48’ structure of which 12’ X 36’ was tobe subdivided into (3) 12’ X 12’ mu|ti-use areas, upgrade the appearance from the conventional truss frame utilitarian structure which preceded it, and keep it within the budget we had been given.


After numerous designs, costs, material considerations from other modular type pavilion framers, post and beam contractors and even architectural designers and general contractors input we chose Post and Beam Homes as our Design/Build contractor.


Nino’s experience and creative mind allowed us to incorporate additional design elements into the pavilion without appreciatively affecting our budget yet helped to blend the structure into the inherent cottage/lake atmosphere.


Nino’s attention to detail was evident during erection. Each piece so carefully drawn and detailed on the drawing board was evidenced when the pieces were mortised, tenoned, and shaped in the shop and erected with nary a hitch in the field, all under the careful scrutiny of hundreds of association ”superintendents”.


Schedule and costs were met. No change orders! No delays! When one of his suppliers couldn't deliver the doors to meet our scheduled opening, no problem, Nino made his own out of left over materials that were better than the original ordered doors. No charge!


That's what you'll get when you use Nino Malatesta and Post and Beam Homes, creativity, attention to detail, skilled workers and workmanship, integrity and honesty. And as an added bonus I got a good friend out of it.

Steve Nelson

POALH Building Committee

Dear Nino,


We have finally settled into our new home and we wanted to send you a note thanking you for your help in bringing this project to completion. The quality of your work is evident in the design, fit and finishing detail of the timber frame. Everyone, who visits, is very impressed and the look and layout is all that we had hoped for. The attention to detail that you and your crew gave to our house is very much appreciated. Please pass our thanks on to the guys, they are truly craftsmen. It was an exciting experience, for us, watching the entire process from frame raising through finishing and we enjoyed watching you all apply your skills. Thanks again.

Scott & Kathy Simmons

East Hampton, CT.

To Whom It May Concern:


I can heartily recommend the services of Post & Beam Homes, Inc.. Mr. Nino Malatesta record with our company is excellent. He has a creative mind and is very good at interpreting blueprints and engineering drawings.

I considered Mr. Malatesta an excellent general contractor. The Garden Center now has approximately 6,000 sq. ft of space on the lower level and 2,000 sq. ft. of office space on the second level. He completed the job in a timely fashion and within budget.

If I can be of any further assistance to you or if you would like to visit the Garden Center, please call the office (203) 667-1158.

Stonehedge Landscaping Co., Inc.

Donald Woods, Jr. President Stonehedge Landscaping Co., Inc. 1616 Willard Ave Newington, CT 06111

To Whom It May Concern:


I have been involved in Design and Construction for better than 20 years. A few years ago I had a very fussy customer with some particular quirks regarding the style and methodology of constructing a post and beam residence. Our design team investigated no less than 26 post and beam companies ...We chose Post & Beam Homes, Inc. ...What prompted this decision?


Simple...Nino answered my call promptly and demonstrated both knowledge and the will to cooperate with the design concepts. You see, most all of the other post and beam companies that I pursued, tried to convince me that they had all the answers and tried to persuade me into their " Modular Systems"; a real problem with most companies!


The bottom line is that Post & Beam Homes, Inc. delivered the job within days of the promised date and completed erection three days later! I liked the idea that the owner was not only present but directed the erection ...something that I don't see much of in the construction trades anymore.


The completed project was about 2500 square feet; the central heating system is a wood, coal, oil combination forced hot air system and does a fine job...this past year the owner spent $130 to centrally air condition the residence.


The joinery is well detailed and thought out...this particular home is rustic in design and the rough beams well suited their application. The house has a clear sealer against a rough sawn background and has weathered well to the liking of the homeowner.


In short Post & Beam Homes, Inc. displayed a contemporary approach to a classic building discipline and delivered a finish package in a timely and professional manner.


Oh, by the way ...the fussy customer that I was referring to was my family and our personal residence!

Robert J. Verlik, Jr.

Architectural Designer/Engineer

To Whom It May Concern:


I am happy for this opportunity to endorse Post & Beam Homes, Inc. of East Hampton, CT to any party interested in building with this type of construction.


I first came to know Nino Malatesta, owner of Post & Beam Homes, Inc. in the Spring of 1985 when my family was in the process of selecting a qualified builder for our Post and Beam home in Marlborough, CT. Nino came highly recommended and after careful inspection of samples of his finished work we just knew he had to be our builder. His expertise and quality workmanship in P & B construction produced a home that has met with our highest expectations. It has given us a pride in our ownership and a greater appreciation of it as we continue to enjoy living in it.


Needless to say we have been most happy with our P & B. With the installation of superior insulation required in P & B construction we enjoy comfort and economy in the heating and cooling of our home; maintenance has been minimal; and we will never tire of the spaciousness and appearance that P & B offers. I personally enjoy a frequent tour of the house during which I always admire the P & B jointery system.


During the years of our business association and since, I have always regarded Nino Malatesta as a friend who operates his business on a level of honesty, integrity, competence and professionalism seldom reached by other home builders.


Since seeing is believing, I suggest to any prospective home buyer that he inspect Nino's own home which best demonstrates the quality of his skills and workmanship. My home would be made available for the same purpose.

Sherman Stocks