4 Ways to Incorporate Timber Beams in Your Next House Project

Have you ever considered incorporating timber beams into your next home or project? Large timber structures often add architectural elements to a space that may lack unique character and charm. Here are a few ideas to consider about Timber Frame Homes before you start construction or begin your next house project. 

1. Create Curb Appeal

Timber beams in a home or as an exterior element can create extra wow-factor that many homeowners desire. Often, large timbers generate a lasting first impression when incorporated into custom fences or outdoor living spaces. With proper care and installation, rustic beams not only boost curb appeal but also increase property value. 

2. Proper Design

Before you start construction on your Timber Frame Home, it’s important to verify that your designer, builder or engineer has experience within the industry. Properly trained professionals will ensure your home’s design and structure. You can rest assured your home is built to last and in a cost-effective manner. 

3. Full Timbers or Timber Accents?

It’s probably a good idea to determine how you want to construct your home. Generally, fully timber-framed houses are more structurally sound but often cost more to build because they require more timbers. However, many homeowners first frame their house conventionally and then use timber beams for accents to complement other aesthetics of the home. 

4. Wood Choice

There are several options of wood to choose from when building a timber frame home. Yet, the cost and availability can fluctuate depending on your preferences. Many homeowners prefer Red Cedar and Douglas Fir because they are easily accessible and strong. 

Timber Frame Homes are architecturally unique and what many homeowners dream of. However, before you build, it’s essential to consider curb appeal and design. While some homes incorporate timber beams into the structure, others simply utilize timber accents. Whatever you decide, you can have peace of mind knowing your house will last for many years to come.