Advantages of Building a Timber Frame House

Timber frame houses are quite popular for many reasons. You can find many designers and builders to help you create the style you want. In addition, there are many timber frame house advantages that you should take into consideration if you are thinking about building this style of home. 

Better Heating and Cooling 

A timber frame house use fewer pieces of wood than other construction methods, making it easier to install HVAC systems. Plus, they feature insulated exterior sheathing. These properties make it much easier to increase the overall insulation properties of the home and make it easier to get more efficient heating and cooling. 

Lower Costs

One of the best timber frame house advantages is that it is a construction method that costs less than other construction options. Labor and HVAC insulation are much easier, which helps to bring down the cost. In addition, less wood is needed to build a timber frame house, making it much easier to build it faster than other styles of homes, saving you on labor and supplies. Finally, you can use reclaimed wood to build this style of home, which is another cost savings.


A timber frame house is stronger than other wooden house designs. They can stand up to many weather situations, and the general construction in conducive to creating a structure that is much more stable and strong. 

When you are trying to decide what construction method you want to use, it helps to consider all your options. If you have taken a look at timber frame construction, you may have found there are many timber frame house advantages. This construction method offers you a chance to get a home that is easier to heat and cool, costs less to construct and that is strong and durable. It is well worth considering timber frame home construction simply for all the benefits it offers over other construction options.