Advantages of Timber and Split-Pole Fences

Are you on the hunt for a beautiful and durable way to fence your property? There are several things to consider before you begin construction on your fence. Poles, usually constructed from either wood or metal, are essential to fencing.

Wooden Posts

Timber posts are a popular choice as wood has a natural, traditional feel with an attractive look. Wood poles are also typically more eco-friendly than metal and plastic. Wooden fencing makes use of either circular or split poles.

Split-Pole Fencing Basics

Split rail fences offer rustic charm and many other benefits. Split-Pole refers to wooden poles which have been cut lengthways into individual planks. In many cases, these individual planks haven’t been smoothed and retain the rough surface produced by the saw used to cut them. This lack of smoothness gives split-pole fencing its characteristic country look.

Caring for Split-Pole Posts

You will need to treat split-pole fences like any other exterior wooden construction to protect from undue weathering. Wood poles are first seasoned to achieve the correct moisture level and then cured with chemicals. Chemical processing makes the timber more durable and helps shield it from mold and wood-boring insects.

You’ll need to maintain your split-pole fencing by coating it at regular intervals with a preservative. Consult a professional for help and tips regarding the proper maintenance of your fencing.

Advantages of Wooden Posts

Wood split rail fencing is beautiful, durable and has many potential uses. It is best to check that the lumber manufacturer for your split-pole fence employs sustainable, environmentally-friendly methods to grow trees.

Wooden fencing is relatively inexpensive to purchase and install, and timber posts offer unmatched charm, warmth and natural beauty. Wood is versatile, less expensive and takes paint or stain finishes nicely.

Wooden posts look good with all types of properties. Consult with timber fencing professionals to learn the best options for your new fence.