Building a Horse Barn: 3 Factors To Consider

Keeping horses requires a great deal of time and care, as well as the right horse barn. When the time comes to have a barn built on your property, working closely with your construction team and understanding which factors of the build might impact the final outcome can help ensure that your horses are comfortable, safe and happy.

1. Local Building Codes 

Before your team begins construction, you may want to review local building codes and regulations so the completed product follows those guidelines. There may be several codes in place for different aspects of your horse barn, including:

  • Electricity 
  • Sewer and water 
  • Building materials 

You can ask your construction team whether they can help you obtain the building permits from your local city hall or other government building.

2. Size 

The size of your horse barn may depend on how many horses you plan to keep, whether you will breed and raise foals, and the types of horses you will house. For example, keeping large draft horses will require more stall space for them to rest, eat and move about comfortably when compared to smaller, leaner quarter horses. You may also want to consider aisle width for tacking and bathing your horses while other horses and riders are passing by.

3. Windows and Lighting 

You can ask your horse barn construction team about how to take advantage of natural lighting, as this is beneficial for any horse’s health. Natural lighting can also help you save on energy bills. Consider aisle and stall lights that feature brightness settings so you can adjust them as needed, especially during the evening hours. Large windows can also provide your barn with both proper ventilation and sunlight for your animals.

Working closely with your horse barn construction team can help you to better understand your needs, as well as the needs of your animals. When you consider a variety of factors before the build begins, the more comfortable your horses will likely be.