Discover Magnificence and Sustainability in Timber Framing for Your Conservatory

As you make the decision between using natural or synthetic building materials for your outdoor extension, three factors need to be addressed: appearance, durability and environmental impact. Fortunately, the modern lumber industry makes going organic with timber framing a wiser, more responsible choice.

Timber Looks Better

Organic construction materials such as timber will make your greenhouse, hothouse or gazebo become an extension of its surrounding environment rather than an intrusion upon it. Not only does its warm beauty transcend that of artificial materials such as PVC, but paints and stains make it much easier to alter as you keep up with design trends or simply change your mind.

Timber is easier to craft with, so your range of architectural options are only as limited as your budget and your imagination. You can add accent trim or ornamental molding customized for either a modern or traditional appearance, which makes your timber structure unique from any other.

Timber Lasts Longer Than Ever

The lumber used for outdoor conservatories is treated to reduce its flammability, resist wood-eating pests and stand up to weather. This makes timber framing safer, and the decreased likelihood of an infestation such as termites means that your structure will keep its integrity longer.

Plus, timber requires less maintenance than you might think. Scientists have engineered modern paints and stains to protect wood and endure harsh weather themselves, so your building now can go longer between routine treatments.

Timber Is Sustainable

Not all suppliers are equal, and you can specifically request that your timber framing contractor procure your lumber from managed forests. These forests only cut down mature trees at their peak for construction purposes and plant new trees to replace the ones that are harvested.

Furthermore, timber is ultimately better for the environment as the chemicals used for pressure-treating wood are fewer and less damaging than those used for fabricating synthetic building materials.

Discover the beauty of timber framing for your outdoor conservatory with your local builder today.