Do Timber Frame Houses Go Against Your Local Ordinances?

A timber frame home is one that uses the traditional building technique of joining together large pieces of timber to create a beautiful and more structurally sound abode. While once upon a time, timber frame houses had a distinctive look to them, today, they come in all shapes, sizes and styles. As a result, most local ordinances allow them. Below are a few other reasons local laws typically allow them.

They Utilize More Modern Building Physics

In the most basic sense, timber framing replaces the internal frame or masonry work within the walls of a building, home or another structure. However, unlike other types of internal structure, timber framing uses advanced engineering methods to provide more structural stability and a host of other benefits. For instance, timber frame homes boast better insulation than brick homes, have a higher energy efficiency than most other types of structures and offer superior sound insulation. They do all this while also lightening the load on the foundation.

They Reduce Noise Transmission  

Though some neighborhoods have few regulations when it comes to noise, others are very strict on the matter. If you plan to build in a neighborhood that heavily regulates noise that comes even from within your home, the committee will probably be more than happy to let you build a timber frame home. Statistics show that even row houses and apartments that utilize timber frame engineering have less sound transmission than typical masonry. As a result, more communities prefer this type of structure over others.

They More Easily Pass Inspections

As building codes and regulations become stricter, more communities prefer that new builds be timber frames. Timber frames, in their very nature, are more stable and able to withstand greater pressures, such as high winds, high water levels and earthquakes. For this fact alone, you may not struggle at all to get your community to approve a future timber frame structure.

If you want to invest in a timber frame home, you don’t want to start building without your community’s approval first. However, know that receiving it likely won’t be difficult given all the benefits this type of engineering offers.