FAQs About Timber Frame Homes

When you build your dream home, it is time for you to uncover your true architectural tastes. This means going beyond your comfort zone. All too often, fun styles, such as timber framing are overlooked. If you’ve never heard of this, you’re not alone. It is a style that most people don’t know about but brings many benefits to the table. Here is more on this style for those who are building their dream home. 

What Are They?

Basically, it is a home that is made from timber framing. Commonly found in Europe, America, and Canada, these homes have interior walls made from timber studs and the outside clad in logs or timber boards. These are becoming increasingly popular in North America. In Europe, they are still popular, although the outside tends to be replaced with brick or stone instead of logs. 

What Are the Benefits?

Despite being simple, framing your home with timber offers many benefits. They are more insulated than block or stone, for starters, meaning you stay comfortable easier and use less energy to heat and cool your home. That means that these are an environmentally friendly option for constructing your home. 

Are They Expensive?

The only drawback to this house is that they can cost more if you let your contractor overcharge you. Because they are rare, these homes tend to be a big payday for most contractors, and people willingly pay. However, they are actually not expensive to build, and you should search until you find a contractor at a reasonable rate. 

How Can You Find a Contractor?

The most challenging part is going to be finding a contractor who works with timber. Therefore, you will need to do some research and look for a company that has the skills necessary to build this type of home. 

Those who are getting ready to build their dream home should consider timber framing. It offers many benefits at a surprisingly low cost.