Log and Timber Frame Homes: An Environmentally Friendly Option


In a time when taking care of the environment has become a priority, balancing that with still being able to build your dream home, porch, garage or other structure may seem difficult. Surprisingly, a timber frame home provides a unique aesthetic while also being an environmentally friendly option.

Low Carbon Footprint

In two recent reports from Edinburgh Center for Carbon Management and The Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials, the results indicate that this type of construction has the lowest carbon footprint compared to its counterparts. Other methods using concrete and steel create significantly more greenhouse gases, 88% and 33% respectively. A major part of those high numbers is due to the processes required to make the products. The reports also indicate that a timber frame home requires less energy and has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint by 88% while still providing the stability needed for construction.

Durable, Natural and Beautiful

Along with the greenhouse gases created to make concrete and steel, other materials are required during building. Considering the insulation, siding, drywall and other elements needed, the CO2 numbers greatly rise. When building with wood, it is a 100% natural material that doesn’t emit pollutants, require the use of unwanted chemicals or result in excessive energy consumption while producing logs. Unlike other materials, wood is a renewable and recyclable source. A long-time focus on sustaining forests creates an ideal balance for construction, the environment and homeowners. Using this natural material also is a solid, stable choice that allows for creativity during the build and subtle, beautiful nuances that make these types of homes stand out from the crowd.

While it may seem like a timber frame home may not be the best choice, the research decisively points in the opposite direction. They are high-quality, durable homes that are free of high-energy consuming manmade products and result in a one-of-a-kind build.