Revitalize Your Backyard With a Stunning Pergola

Having a neatly landscaped backyard adds clean, sophisticated structure to a home, but it’s not always enough. Thankfully, there are other fresh concepts you can incorporate into your property that will make it stand out from the rest in the neighborhood. If you want to upgrade your backyard with something visually unique and creative, pergolas are a great answer for you. Read on to discover how you can revitalize your patio space with the help of one of these lovely pergola styles.

Choose a Richly Colored Wood to Start

Many pergola designs are created with top-quality lumber, though there are aluminum or vinyl options out there as well. However, if you want to maintain a more natural, rustic look that will seamlessly blend in with your landscaping, wooden pergolas are the ideal way to go.

When you’re choosing which type of lumber to utilize for the build, you can add your own particular style with a colored wood of your choosing to give it some extra flair. Varities of wood such as white or red oak, Douglas fir or Eastern White Pine can all easily merge your stunning, multi-colored foliage with greater amounts of bold browns or whites that flatter your home’s exterior.

Include a Nice Lattice Top

One of the best features of a pergola is that its basic framework can, in itself, be a masterful design. Many pergola shapes have an open frame-top or a lattice-top, and the latter of these ideas adds an artistic touch without needing to include other design elements at all. This shape allows for bright sunlight to filter through onto your seating area below, but still adds some necessary shade for greater comfort during the hottest days of the month. Finish the overall design with simple concrete or rock-studded bases for your columns for even more visual appeal.

Pergolas can offer lasting appeal to a backyard space without much difficulty. Find a qualified professional today to help showcase your current landscaping with an artfully-designed pergola.