What to Know About Timber Fences

You’ve decided to add a fence to your property. Where do you start? Two options for you to consider are timber fences or Colorbond fences.

Colorbond Steel Fences

  • This type of fencing looks good with sleek, modern architecture
  • You can choose a variety of designer colors and styles.
  • Steel fences require minimal maintenance.

Pine or Hardwood Fences

  • This type of wooden fencing has relatively inexpensive up-front costs for materials and installation.
  • Wood adds a warm, charming and classic look to your home.
  • Timber looks great with the architecture and landscape of a traditional or country home.
  • The use of wood fencing helps reduce greenhouse gases.
  • Wood fences have a pleasing natural look.

The use of galvanized steel posts increases the longevity of timber fences. Over time, these posts may eventually rust, but the thicker steel will outlast Colorbond posts. When maintained correctly, you can cut the timber frame away and re-use the same steel posts instead of starting a new fence, reducing your next fence’s cost. Timber fencing offers longevity as it can last over twenty-five years if installed on galvanized steel posts.

Colorbond disadvantages

  • Steel fences absorb heat from the sun and radiate onto nearby plants, which can be harmful depending on how well the plants handle temperature increases.
  • This type of fence is easily bent or dented.
  • There are many available colors, but often neighbors do not agree with color options.
  • Colorbond is generally 30% more expensive than timber.
  • Materials and installation are more costly than timber fencing.
  • Steel will eventually rust.

Timber Fencing Disadvantages

  • Wood can rot through, causing the wall to lose stability.
  • This type of fence will warp and fade over time.

Wood fencing is a timeless classic, whereas Colorbond is a modern fencing alternative. Timber fences are a fantastic choice for your home. They provide aesthetic appeal, are cost-effective, easy to install and relatively easy to repair.