Why a Traditional Wood Fence Is the Best Option for Your Home

The utopian ideal of having a “white picket fence” to line your yard still remains a typical sign of having achieved the American dream, which is owning your own home on a property lined with a protective, visually-appealing fence. Most often, these fences are made of traditional wood, and there’s a reason why lumber is still commonly used for people’s fencing needs today.

If you’re hoping to build a fence around your own household soon, here are a few key reasons to install a wood fence around your property, instead of using other material like vinyl or wrought iron.

The Cost of Timber Is Highly Affordable

When it comes down to the most basic detail of working within a budget for your project, buying timber beams to build a fence can be far more cost-effective than handing over cash for metal or wrought iron varieties. It’s easy to hire a professional who can transport and build with timber and, despite timber’s ability to last for years, it can also be simple and affordable for that same professional to make repairs to your wooden fence when necessary in the future.

Wood-Based Material Is More Eco-Friendly

Since the base of wood material that’s treated to become timber is wholly natural, it makes creating a wood fence on your property the best choice for helping to protect the environment. Wood can be both readily found and repurposed when needed, and more trees can be planted and grown to make up for the timber materials used. Old, broken beams or posts can be easily discarded or recycled as well, leaving no damaging footprint behind.

Your Fence Design Choices Are Endless

Given that wood is so versatile, you can design your fence using any number of paint colors or stains to bring it to life. Or, you can just as simply include engravings or carvings to make your fence truly unique and authentic. 

If it’s time to invest in a durable, stylish fence to place around your home, trust that a wood fence is the best choice for you and your family.