Why Building a Timber Frame Home is a Great Choice

Timber frame homes continue to grow in popularity because of quality and design options. Homebuyers want the freedom to make important aesthetic choices. Timber frame can be self-designed, but most people choose to have professional floor plans. Specialists will develop the layout according to the homeowner’s needs, so the final product is the perfect fit. Here are some reasons timber frame is a great home construction option.

Planning Kits

Design kits make choosing a floor plan an enjoyable and efficient process. Owners can select from a number blueprints, and these can be modified by the builder to suit personal tastes. A company builds the home ahead of time, and it can be delivered in a matter of weeks to your property. The specifications you make will be ready once the home materials are delivered.

Build Time

The best part is the construction schedule is fast. An expert joiner can fasten the materials together, much like a large puzzle, in a matter of days. This means other trades can begin work, and the overall project could be done in much less time. Since inclement weather can be an issue in any season, quick turnaround times on a construction project are critical. You get the craftmanship you deserve and can soon hang that Welcome Home sign.

Design Perks

Timber frame home construction provides a distinctive aesthetic and beauty to a home. The design materials allow for flexible and open floor plans. With durable construction, you can be certain your house will stand the test of time. Homebuyers also find the cost of building a timber frame can be significantly lower than other methods of construction, especially when using planning kits.

Choosing a timber frame home is a smart decision when it comes to build time and quality construction. Experts can help you get the best design and craft a home that will be a source of pride for years to come.